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We can help you in your quest for ultimate health and wellness. At Aequa Health & Wellness, we provide a path to comprehensive wellness. We identify imbalances in the body that, if left unchecked, will lead to more complicated health concerns. By treating patients on the physical, energetic and emotional levels, patients are able to address the underlying causes of their imbalance and restore balance for overall wellness. Patients receive a thorough exam, declare their health goals and co-create an individualized treatment plan that may include any combination of chiropractic, acupuncture, nutrition and supplementation.

Our Services


Chiropractic Adjusting, Rehabilitation & Conditioning

Chiropractic Medicine is a drug-free healthcare profession focused on the science and art of restoring proper function in the body. The chiropractic adjustment has a powerful effect on balancing the nervous system by restoring proper motion in spinal and peripheral joint systems throughout the body. Profound improvements in health can be realized with chiropractic adjustment.



Dr. Fazio utilizes a traditional Chinese Medicine, five element approach. This is a system which evaluates the balance existing between twelve organ systems of the body. The doctor seeks to improve health by determining areas of deficiency and/or excess in the body and rectifies these imbalances with acupuncture and energetic practices.


Customized Nutrition & Supplementation Plans

Dr. Fazio takes an in-depth look at a patient’s diet and addresses areas of imbalance. He works with a patient empowering him or her to make dietary modifications and create supplement plans to restore balance and replenish essential nutrients within the body. In some cases, a hair analysis is used to create a supplementation plan that provides the body with the exact nutrients it is lacking.


We Take Pride in a Job Well Done

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Meet Dr. Dan Fazio

Dr. Daniel Fazio is a chiropractic physician who uses functional medicine and a patient-centered approach in caring for his patients. Functional medicine involves a well-rounded, preventative approach to health and healing. The idea is to prevent disease states by addressing deficiencies and excesses in the body and its systems.

Aequa helps patients get well through a combined treatment of the body’s mechanics, nervous system and biochemistry. That’s why we offer three modalities: chiropractic, acupuncture, and customized nutrition/ supplementation plans.


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What our clients say

Dr. Dan is the best doctor I've ever had. He takes the time to listen to all of my questions and concerns and makes me feel like I'm his only patient. I trust him with my health in every aspect. He has even made himself available on his days off to answer my questions. He is an excellent partner in health, very smart, and very great at describing what he is doing and why he is doing it. I recommend him to anyone!
Sally S
Seeing Dr. Dan has absolutely been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. He is so gifted at what he does. I can come in with pain in my back, ankle, shoulder, neck, whatever, he is able to pinpoint the issue and help every time. I’ve never been less than 100% satisfied with the care I have received from him and genuinely feel encouraged about my back health by the time I leave his office. I cannot recommend his practice more highly.
Hannah M
The depth of education and expertise that Dr. Fazio has in both eastern and western medicine is amazing. I am continually hearing him talk about conferences, seminars, books, and classes that he attends to further his ability to heal your entire body. I feel the continued learning is one of the true signs of a professional in any industry or profession. I trust him completely and know my family is in great hands.
Keaton K